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Luc St-Laurent, marketing director at Hibe, was kind enough to give a presentation yesterday for the last IdentityCamp of the first season. Thanks to Moog Audio and to Remy Hespel, the presentation was recorded :

Luc discussed social contexts in life, offline and online. He also mentioned the video by the Electronic Frontier Foundation : How To Maximize Facebook Privacy.

If you want to discuss further Luc’s ideas, you can follow him on the Hibe’s blog. You can also find him behind @hibecom on Twitter.

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For the first time ever, we’re going to have a presentation in English for the last edition of IdentityCamp’s first season, at Station C on June 8.

Facebook and Google CEO’s claim privacy is dead. Luc St-Laurent is going to open the discussion about online identities and social contexts:

  • Do we have only one identity?
  • When we connect online, do we have only one profile everybody can see?
  • If we have more, how do we manage them? How do we keep them separated?
  • Is it true that privacy is dead?

Those are some of the questions Luc introduces on the video Hicham shot together with him last week at the May edition of IdentityCamp:

For the ones who are not familiar with IdentityCamp, we initially positioned IdentityCampQuébec as a monthly event dedicated to helping people understand how to manage their online identity to improve their personal brand/reputation, both on the Web and offline. The first IdentityCampMontréal happened in October 2009.

Every event this year saw two presenters share their insights. The participation to the event is free. All you have to do is to show up at Station C, on St-Laurent, from 5:45pm the day of the event. The first presentation takes place at 6:15pm and the second one at 7:00pm. Beers and other beverages are offered to the participants thanks to our partners, Station C, and Moog Audio.

Last but not least, we appreciate when the persons who plan to attend the event RSVP to the invitation, on Facebook or on LinkedIn. See you on June 8!

MAJ (02/06/10) : Olivier Zara présente après Luc St-Laurent au IdentityCamp du 8 juin. Pour Olivier, vous êtes le seul responsable de votre vie privée. À lire dans son dernier billet avant de participer à notre prochaine rencontre!

MAJ (04/06/10) : Luc St-Laurent just published more info about his presentation :

  • How being social online differs from being social in reality.
  • The consequences of that difference on our personal brand and our lives.
  • Various tips and alternatives for a better privacy and a finer control of our image.

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